Trump Planning To Lead More Than One Country After Winning Election

Though the Presidency of the United States has typically been regarded as a full-time job that takes every ounce of strength the officeholder has to offer, Donald Trump had said that’s only because there hasn’t been a President like him before.

“I wasn’t happy owning just one casino, so I’ll probably want to lead more than one nation too.”

His intention to seek high office in other countries once he is in charge of this one was met with surprise, but Trump says this is consistent with the way he has always approached a challenge.

“I didn’t get where I am today by letting one single thing occupy all my attention. It’s called efficient time management, people.“

Unfortunately for Trump, he is somewhat limited in the national elections he can currently participate in outside of the United States. On the positive side, his Slovenian wife, Melania, is an EU citizen, providing him with a potential path to run in a number of European countries.

“My neofascist anti-immigrant message is sure to play well there, so I’m hopeful I can bag a number of Presidencies and Prime Ministerships once the details are figured out.”

Trump is also reportedly in line to be President of his choice of Russian satellite Republics, thanks to the generosity of Vladimir Putin.

“He’s a wonderful wonderful man.”

Constitutional scholars say countries electing a foreign leader to the top job is not unheard of, citing the case of an Austrian national who was once elected Chancellor of Germany, only obtaining German citizenship at the very last minute.

“Fortunately there is precedent here.”

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