Trump Planning To Invade Vulvas

The White House was buzzing today with President Trump’s decision to embroil the United States in yet another conflict. Saying it was of the utmost national importance, Trump asked for plans to be drawn up immediately for the invasion of vulvas.

“Are you sure you don’t mean Venezuela, Mister President.”

Trump insisted that it was vulvas he wants to invade, leading to a heated argument between staffers and the military. Army Chiefs insisted he must mean the troubled South American country which is currently in the news, but staffers countered that the President has an extensive history of threatening vulvas.

“I don’t know about Venezuela, but he has long had it in for vulvas.”

Trump, growing inpatient with his military, decided to direct the course of battle himself, and explained his strategy in detail.

“Invading vuvlas is merely an opening gambit to establish a firm beach-head, from where the main offensive thrust will be mounted.”

Trump assured everyone his plan would work, and it has been tried and tested by him many times before.

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