Trump Replaces Dr. Fauci With Dr. Nicholas Reviera

In a move that was long expected, President Trump has dismissed Dr. Fauci, the trusted face of the coronavirus response task force. But Trump said there was no reason to be concerned, as he was replacing him with an even better doctor, Nicholas Riviera M.D.

“Hi, Everybody!”

Riviera, who trained at a Mayo Clinic Correspondence School and well as completing residencies at a number of South American or maybe Caribbean medical facilities, is reputed to be a versatile physician who has performed many types of operation, including some, he amusingly imparts, on himself.

“Hi, Everybody!”

Speaking to the country for the first time in his new role, Dr. Reviera said he was honored to have the well-being of the entire American populace entrusted to him during the coronavirus pandemic. To show his appreciation he then hugged everyone in attendance.

“We will get through this nasty illness that nobody understands by sticking together and working hard at our jobs. Bye, Everybody!”

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2 Comments on "Trump Replaces Dr. Fauci With Dr. Nicholas Reviera"

  1. patricia graffius | March 28, 2020 at 12:47 pm | Reply

    Trump is not mentally capable of making major decisions that will affect the lives of citizens of our country. Unfortunately he remains our titular leader and we are at his mercy. Those who wrote the Constitution which included the 25th Amendment that should have been implemented to remove Trump from office when impeached did not work because they did not anticipate him being backed by a Congress who were too ignorant to vote for Impeachment of the most incompetent POTUS ever.

    • Wow! Open your eyes to reality. Stop drinking the koolaid from the corrupt, evil left. He is the best potus ever!

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