Trump Was ‘Being Sarcastic’ When He Pledged To Defend The Constitution

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has criticized the humorless scrutiny being applied to President Trump’s assertion that he was glad Putin expelled U.S. diplomatic staff from Moscow because it reduced the payroll.

“He was being sarcastic.”

Sanders went on to complain about other instances when the press clearly didn’t get when the President was making a joke, such as when they complain about him failing to uphold the constitution.

“The President comes from the world of entertainment – so not everything he said at the inauguration is supposed to be taken at face value.”

She said they had no excuse for failing to grasp the subtleties of his speeches, especially when he so often ends them with ‘So Help Me God’.

“Obviously that’s intended to be ironic – you get that, right?”

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  1. HIS OATH of office is not to be taken seriously????? Is she on crack? Or just cracked?

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