Trump Says Former Presidents Told Him He Was Doing A ‘Great Job’ When They Posed For Painting

Trump has dismissed criticisms of his choice to hang an Andy Thomas painting of all the GOP Presidents in the White House, saying such a momentous gathering deserves to be honored.

“What a great day that was. So great!”

Trump added that not only were all the former GOP presidents happy to pose with him for the painting, but that they all told him he was doing a great job.

“Reagan expressed his gratitude for carrying on his ideas, and said I was making them even better. Love that guy!”

He also pointed out that, despite critics saying Eisenhower was a moderate who would have despised everything Trump stood for, the painting says otherwise.

“See how he’s leaning in towards me with a big smile on his face. We got on like a house on fire!”

The only slightly awkward moment, Trump claims, was when Theodore Roosevelt objected to what he saw as his achievements being undermined.

“He was a little unhappy at first about my plans to sell off the National Parks, but when I explained how they would be re-purposed to generate more energy than the Sun he patted me on the back.”

The one thing Trump regrets was having to turn Frederick Douglass away when he showed up.

“He wanted to be in it so bad, but I had to tell him it was for GOP presidents only. Sad!”

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  1. Trump is doing what he does best LYING ain’t no way nobody is that Stupid….

  2. And even though W is not dead yet, he exclaimed, “Doing a heck of a job, trumpie.”

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