Trump Says His Information On Haitians Came From World’s Top AIDS Expert

President Trump sought to allay criticism of his alleged statement that all Haitians have AIDS by reminding everyone his information came from the world’s number one scientific expert on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

“This person, such a great person, speaks to me all the time about science and many other things.”

When asked if the expert was a MD, Trump said no but that the person in question knew more than any doctor. This prompted speculation that the President’s advisor was a PhD in virology.

“What this guy has is better than any PhD. Believe me.”

The President also confirmed that his comment implying all Nigerians live in mud huts was not a flippant racist remark, but came from the world’s top authority on international housing development.

“He knows about all the housing in all the countries. Nobody knows more about houses than him.”

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