Trump Says He Misspoke Entire Taped Conversation With Michael Cohen

CNN has made public excerpts of a taped conversation between President Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen that came into their possession. Faced with details of the taped conservation, President Trump said there is a “need for clarification” regarding the recorded interlocution with his private attorney about how best to pay off a Playboy bunny.

“I meant to say a collection of non-incriminating sentences to a completely different person, but instead said a collection of incriminating sentences to Michael Cohen. By accident, obviously.”

He says it’s important to focus on his intent, rather than what he actually said over the course of a lengthy private conversation that was digitally preserved in a high-quality audio format.

“When I gave Michael Cohen detailed instructions on how to keep Karen McDougal quiet, I really meant to tell a group of veterans that the Nation thanks them for their service. It was a slip of the tongue and nothing more.”

Trump also took the opportunity to criticize the ‘Fake News Media’ for twisting his involvement with a well-known pornstar.

“It is a gross misrepresentation to say I was conducting a tawdry affair with Stormy Daniels. I merely misslept with someone else instead of my wife. It could happen to anyone.”

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  1. Lying again!!!

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