Trump Supporter Who’s Never Once Left Home Is Boycotting Hawaii

(Sharon, PA) Local senior Marty Dixon said today he is ‘absolutely disgusted’ by the actions of a Hawaiian federal judge that led to the continued blocking of President Trump’s travel ban by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Like many Trump supporters, such is the depth of his feeling at this egregious example of judicial overreach that this man who has never traveled more than 10 miles from his birthplace in western Pennsylvania feels compelled to boycott Hawaii.

“I won’t set foot there. Not after this.”

Marty, 78, who thinks he may have crossed the border into Ohio once as a child but is not sure, is denying the 50th State the pleasure of his presence in a show of meaningful support for President Trump.

“It not even part of the USA. Not really.”

He feels strongly that the blanket travel ban on people coming from Yemen, Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia makes sense based on his intimate knowledge of that part of the world.

“My only question is why isn’t Mexico on the list.”

When asked to point to the six travel ban countries on a world map, Marty hesitated at first, but then confidently pointed to Finland, Japan, Mongolia, Peru, Madagascar and Florida.

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18 Comments on "Trump Supporter Who’s Never Once Left Home Is Boycotting Hawaii"

  1. Well, I’m in beautiful Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. People like him NEED to stay away from us. The likelihood that this goober would be the sort of guest we want to host is small to non-existent. He will bitch if any little thing isn’t “like it is in the States”, won’t tip worth a shit, whine at every opportunity, and generally be a pain in the ass. The fact that he hasn’t been anywhere means he likely never intended to come here, and we’re fine with that. More room for the beautiful people of the world who love a beautiful place and will be careful with the place and the people. Fuck this clown. Stay home. His loss.

  2. Well, I kinda have to agree with him on Florida.

  3. Terry, you can doubt it’s sarcasm all you want, but it says at the top of the page “satirical”

  4. This kind of thinking is what caused this mess. My dad is 92 and is more liberal thN this poor person. How do you reach someone like this and make them understand that the US is part of the world. We are not alone on this planet and it is a fascinating place out there. I grew up in PA and there are a lot more folks who have only been to the beach, 4 hmours away.

  5. Why are people like this allowed to vote?

  6. John lambertus | March 17, 2017 at 10:20 am | Reply

    Well would be nice if all you trump no mines stayed in your caves and never come back out like there isn’t a nuff of you that could put a dent in a bean can let’s see how you oldies get along in your old folks home with out food water an some one to clan you up when you finally wake the help Trump will laughing his ass off at all you supporting nuts course us people fighting for the constitution will have to still listen to your shit but that is the real America

  7. Terry Rathbun | March 17, 2017 at 7:56 am | Reply

    I know where this asshole lives. I doubt it’s a satire, much as we’d all like it to be.

  8. Conan McDonnell | March 17, 2017 at 4:14 am | Reply

    Folks, in case you didn’t realise, this is satire. Mind you, it does accurately portray the exact attitude of thousands of these idiots.

  9. I’m with you. What does Hawaii know about sneak attacks on American soil anyway?

  10. You are to old and confuse,no more crack c.for you buddy

  11. Let’s dump trump if you want America to be great

  12. Is this backwoods idiot going to be able to read these comments? I hope so! His bigoted kind need to know what civilized people think of his assinine views.

  13. Well, I guess then you’ve never been in the military. Don’t think any of the States will ever miss you.

  14. Not likely you were going anywhere you backwards idiot trust me they won’t miss you.

  15. LOL…Faulting a judge for upholding the law and the Constitution? Shame on you. I think Hawaii (and now Maryland) will weather your boycott.

  16. They don’t want your stupid ads in Hawaii anyway, you shriveled up piece of shit!

  17. Those islanders are gonna be so glad y’all not coming. Shit they want their island and way of life back anyway. Make it a permanent boycott. Do them a big favor. Asshole.

  18. OK that’s your choice. But I sure hope all the money saved thought the years will keep you in trump care and that you never need meal on wheel for yourself or loved one.

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