Trump Supporters Demand Playwright Who Penned “Julius Caesar” Be Locked Up

The Public Theater’s production of Julius Caesar, in which the titular bombastic leader who gets assassinated has a distinctly contemporary flavor, continues to generate controversy with financial backers pulling out.

Though former corporate sponsors focused their criticism on the production and the director, Trump’s most devoted supporters are going straight to the source:

“Clearly this was written as a blatant attack on our great President. The playwright should be locked up!”

They are demanding that he not be allowed to work on Broadway again, nor do they want to hear about any new HBO deals involving the author of Hamlet and King Lear.

“I bet he’s friends with that awful Kathy Griffin too.”

The President himself finally weighed in on the matter late this afternoon via twitter, suggesting his bloodthirsty supporters would get some satisfaction.

“So wrong. Very very wrong. ICE is coming for you, William Shakespeare!”

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5 Comments on "Trump Supporters Demand Playwright Who Penned “Julius Caesar” Be Locked Up"

  1. All you people saying “it’s free speech blah blah blah” I didn’t see you guys complaining about free speech when trump said innapropriate things? That was free speech. Yet it’s not ok for you people. I can stand liberals, but hipocritical libtards I can not stand.

  2. Which are worse,Trump or those who support him? Dump Trump!

  3. Lol… Telling people to shut up and citing freedom of speech as the reason they shouldn’t talk takes a special kind of mental gymnastics.

    Voting with the wallet is one of the most effective tools consumers have. And if expressing outrage and calling for people to be fired shouldn’t be done? Remember that when you’re listening to a bloodthirsty mob ranting about impeachment.

    Trump is a moron. However, speech which portrays his death by murder in a positive light can be construed as inciting violence, and that is NOT protected speech.

    • LOL… If you think that Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is a play that speech portrays Caesar’s death by murder “in a positive light”, then you are as ignorant as, well… a trump supporter.

  4. i think these trump supporters calling for bloodthirsty action should go back under whatever rock they came out of. its called freedom of speech it sone of the amendments.

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