Trump Taps Jenny McCarthy And Andrew Wakefield To Develop Coronavirus Vaccine

Hot on the heels of his inspired selection of Vice President Mike Pence to contain the spread of the coronavirus within the United States, President Trump today announced his next great leap forward in combating the emerging disease.

“I have invited Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Andrew Wakefield to develop a vaccine to halt the coronavirus in its tracks.”

Trump said the selection of the pair to tackle this hugely important problem was easy, as they both possessed the qualities required.

“Jenny has many obvious assets and her supporters are great, so great. Most of them are also my supporters in fact.”

He also paid tribute to disgraced medical researcher, Andrew Wakefield, saying he has what it takes.

“The problem with too many of these doctors and scientists is that they let an overwhelmingly disproven hypothesis hold them back. But not Andrew #Winning”

McCarthy and Wakefield said they were honored and would begin straight away by hosting coronavirus parties for both children and adults all across the country.


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