Trump Taunts Kim Jong-un “My dad could have beaten up your dad”

Should have kept it in their pants.

In the latest exchange of insults between President Trump and his North Korean counterpart, Kim Jong-un, President Trump today tweeted that his father, the late Fred Trump, could have beaten up Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il, were they both still alive.

Though Jong-un was said to have laughed off Trump’s previous taunting about having a bigger nuclear button, this is expected to be far more wounding as any young schoolboy knows.

“Unfortunately this ‘Dad-off’ will probably lead to World War Three.”

Given the North Korean political philosophy of cult worship, saying that a former Dear Leader could have been given a whooping by a New York real estate developer is the highest form of insult.

“I don’t think Jong-un can let this go.”

However the Russians say they have a plan to deescalate the situation, hopefully averting disaster.

“We believe we can make them retreat from comparing fathers to a lively debate over whose wife is hotter, which carries a far lower risk of igniting thermonuclear war.”

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