Trump Tells Melania To Bring Her Son Next Time “I’d like to meet him!”

(The White House) The Trump administation has decided to ban flavored vaping products for safety’s sake as they are dangerous and appeal to children. President Trump said the issue was very close to his wife Melania’s heart in particular.

“She’s got a son!”

The President added that by all accounts he was a very handsome young man.

“Or so I’ve heard.”

As the meeting concluded, Trump suggested the First Lady bring her son along to their next meeting on the subject of vaping.

“I’d like to meet him!”

Trump also plans to reach out to second wife Marla Maples to join the effort as he understands she has a daughter.

“I believe her name is Tiffany, but don’t quote me on that.”

5 Comments on "Trump Tells Melania To Bring Her Son Next Time “I’d like to meet him!”"

  1. It’s so sad it’s not even funny!

  2. How in hell can anyone even set close to this ANIMAL. Oh I forgot he bought her just like last ones.

  3. He, simply, an tnsulting, even to his family—- an a Idiot.
    Should have been impeached Lon, long ago!

    • Before you hate- as that is what all you illiterate Democrats do- learn the proper way to dictate your words. Spelling is a very important skill one must master to be a part of the working society, but then a lot of society like the “hand out “ approach to life vs. working your butt off for a life and self dignity. You seem to be the latter of this- so go on out to one of the many free education places in the country and use that handout for your own sake.

  4. This is your president. :-/

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