Trump Tells Puerto Rico He Can’t Help Every Country Like They’re The United States

While explaining his lackluster response to the crisis in Puerto Rico today, President Trump has finally laid bare the reason – that it would go against his election mandate.

“I can’t supply aid to just any country like it’s the United States. America First!”

Trump said it was not personal, and other countries would get the same response.

“If a country like Denmark or Hawaii was in trouble I’d help for sure, but not to the same degree I would if a disaster hit say Florida.”

He insisted allowing people to evacuate to the United States, even temporarily, would make a mockery of the platform he ran on.

“Everyone knows I pledged to stem immigration into the United States, so for me to facilitate a bunch of Puerto Ricans coming here would be the height of hypocrisy!”

He then suggested the devastated island turn to whoever was most responsible for helping it.

“You know, France, the U.K, whoever.”

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4 Comments on "Trump Tells Puerto Rico He Can’t Help Every Country Like They’re The United States"

  1. At the top says ‘A SATIRICAL BLOG SERVING WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA’ but it so close to what the tRump would say, it almost hard NOT to believe the satire.

  2. What a crock of “it”.

  3. Surely this is fake news. No one can be that ignorant or stupid.

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