Trump Does That Thing Nobody Thought Possible Right After Doing All Those Undoable Things Yesterday

(Today, 5pm EST) Having done that crazy thing no-one thought a sitting President would ever dare do yesterday, people expected today would be a relatively quiet one in which things nobody imagined would ever happen in their lifetime didn’t.

However President Trump had managed to say something unsayable before noon, before tweeting how much he didn’t care for that particular person most people can’t imagine anyone ever saying anything negative about.

Trump then instructed someone to do that thing that’s technically possible but no-one ever does because of some human emotion Trump is immune to, followed by pursuing that business opportunity that he’s supposed to have nothing to do with but does anyway.

He then appointed that person who’s not very nice to the committee that’s not supposed to have people like that on it but does now, after which he dismissed someone thought to be undismissable because of something called the Constitution that’s supposed to be important but not really.

Trump then issued a slew of executive orders that crossed those specific lines that were considered uncrossable but clearly aren’t after all, before telling that country that’s supposed to be an ally that they’d better watch it because he didn’t like that thing they did or didn’t do.

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  1. I find it bigly inexcusable that you would post such an irresponsible article about issues about which you don’t have no knowledge.

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