Trump To Deliver State Of The Union Address From Kremlin Instead

Still peeved over being impeached, President Trump has decided to decline Nancy Pelosi’s invitation to deliver the annual State of the Union address in the US Capitol and go with an alternative venue, the Kremlin.

“It makes more sense to do it there. And there’s more gold. So much gold!”

The idea came from President Putin, who said it would allow him to follow progress on his favorite project in person.

“In my experience nothing beats a face-to-face update.”

Trump will go there on Air Force One, with military transports being provided for everyone else, except Pelosi.

“She can hitchhike there if she wants. I hear it’s nice in winter.”

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4 Comments on "Trump To Deliver State Of The Union Address From Kremlin Instead"

  1. More wasted taxpayers money by the fucking asshole bastard who pretends to be a leader just to get blown!

  2. What a pussy, hope he seeks to stay right after

  3. Don’t you need to get back to chasing Moose and Squirrel…

  4. Great idea that would show the speaker of our house

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