Trump To Make Formal Apology For Trail Of Tears During State Visit To India

President Trump will make a state visit to India in late February, the White House announced today. A spokesperson also noted that the President intends to make a formal apology on behalf of the United States for the Trail of Tears while he is in New Delhi.

“It was completely his own idea.”

Indian Prime Minister Modi said that was fine if that’s what Trump wants, though questioned why he doesn’t want to do it in Georgia or Tennessee instead. During a preview of his India trip, Trump said an apology by the United States for the forced relocation was long overdue.

“Making all those poor Indians march so far on foot was wrong. So wrong. We should have used planes.”

Trump added that he is looking forward to visiting the grave of Geronimo when he is over there.

“Best bungie-jumper ever. Love that guy!”

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6 Comments on "Trump To Make Formal Apology For Trail Of Tears During State Visit To India"

  1. Those remarks about our president is despicable . The karma will come back to all of you .

  2. It may be satire but it’s not far from what trump would do. He is just so dumb. Wonder what his education cost?

  3. Trumps sensationalism of India’s authoritarian PM Modi is despicable and not in the character of what a US President should support!

  4. I know this is SATIRE, but it is still priceless! I can not stop laughing

  5. Marianne Grill | February 25, 2020 at 1:48 pm | Reply

    He gives a new meaning to the word STUPID. OMG. This is SATIRE RIGHT??

  6. I knew that was a lie when I saw the heading because Trump has never and will never apologize for anything!

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