Trump And Trudeau’s ‘Women In The Workforce’ Discussion Goes Horribly Wrong

A visit by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the White House went horribly wrong today when a scheduled discussion on women in the workforce between him and President Trump devolved into threats of war.

Seemingly uninformed about Trudeau’s feminist leanings, Trump sized him up as a scallywag in the vein of Billy Bush and disastrously tried to employ the Canadian leader in ‘locker room talk’.

Trump even went so far as to graphically illustrate some of his signature moves, to the disgust of the Canadian who promptly shut him down. Trudeau said he would never allow his hands to wander in such a fashion, though admitted he did once have some problems with his elbows.

Trump then tried to reassert control over the situation using his trademark rough-housing handshake, which led to further embarrassment as Trudeau is a former boxer.

Latest word out of the White House is that the invasion is scheduled for 6 am tomorrow.

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