Trump Tweets His Admiration Of MLK “No-one could play trumpet like him”

Though his schedule was empty, President Trump has taken instead to twitter to mark MLK day by letting people know just how much he respects the civil rights leader and his achievements.

“No-one could play trumpet like him. #MLK

Trump also praised Dr. King’s oratory, saying it always brought a tear to his eye when the great preacher spoke of love.

“We have all the time in the world – Just for love – Nothing more
– Nothing less – Only love! #crying”

Noting that employment among African-Americans is low, Trump said his ambition is to do even better.

“I know a lot of people in my cabinet dream of a time when each and every single black person is put to work.”

He added it’s a shame Dr. King wasn’t alive today, as he would definitely invite him over to the White House to hang out.

“You, me and Freddy Douglass would have the best time.

2 Comments on "Trump Tweets His Admiration Of MLK “No-one could play trumpet like him”"

  1. You sure about that Francis? MLK’s surviving family members seem to enjoy his company

  2. King wouldn’t hang
    Out with trump. He would meet with trump may be once but that’s aii

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