Trump Worried Frederick Douglass Will Chew Him Out Over Lynching Comment

(The White House) President Trump privately expressed some regret today for his inflammatory ‘lynching’ comment about being impeached, though it’s thought to be motivated by fears that a particular individual will take him to task.

“He’s worried Frederick Douglass will chew him out over it.”

Despite being dead for over a century, Douglass maintains a hold over the President, who has on multiple occasions indicated he believes the famed abolotionist and author is still alive.

“The President first got it into his head Douglass had a problem with him after he failed to respond to a invite to celebrate Black History month in 2017.”

Trump’s worries over the fallout from his use of the loaded term are not limited to Douglass either.

“He’s very fearful that Harriet Tubman will rip him a new one should they end up attending the same event.”

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  1. LMAO! TY. I so needed some levity.

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