Trump Worried Pompeo Will Make Him Point To United States On Blank Map Of World

NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly has revealed that Mike Pompeo cursed her out after being displeased by questions on Ukraine during an interview. The Secretary of State then produced a map of the World with the countries unmarked and demanded she point to Ukraine – which she did.

Pompeo’s crude aggressive approach would normally make his boss, President Trump, happy but not on this occasion. Trump has privately expressed concerns that Pompeo might try the same tactic on him should they ever get into a disagreement.

“What if he asks me to point to Ukraine, or the United States?”

White House sources say Trump will now only meet with his Secretary of State once he has been searched for maps with the countries unmarked.

“He’s really very angry about this new emphasis on knowing things.”

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  1. The elephant in a sheep skin and a dove mind bullying an intelligent female for doing her duty loyally to the people. It will be more beneficial to the whole world if Pompeo asks geography questions to Trump. Ask him to point out the Euphrates, the Mekong, the Volga, the seine, the Soane, the thames. Ask where Pocahontas is and i know Trump will point at a Senator.

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