Trump Yells “Again! Again!” After Bastille Day Parade Comes To An End

In an unusual development at the Bastille Day Parade in Paris, visiting American President Donald Trump started yelling “Again! Again!” once the display of military prowess concluded. It quickly became apparent Trump was sincere in his desire to see the whole thing all over again, and was not about to take no for an answer.

The ever-cool French President Emmanuel Macron was no more phased by the strange request than when Trump had remarked on what great shape his wife was in the day before, or tried to dead-arm him before a handshake.

In order to pacify his excited guest, Macron gave the order to repeat the massive military exhibition. After watching the same parade seven times, Trump finally appeared to tire of it to the relief of the exhausted marchers.

Trump then demanded to drive one of the tanks on display, prompting Macron to say that you can only do that once you’ve attended Tank Camp and earned your badge. The explanation appeared to satisfy the 71 year old, who was then sent down for his nap.

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