Trump’s Call For Death Penalty For Pharma CEOs Proving Hugely Popular

Image credit: 'Donald Trump' by Flickr user Gage Skidmore license CC BY-SA 2.0.

Far from eliciting the usual groans of disapproval, President Trump’s latest impulsive statement, calling for the death penalty for those responsible for America’s drug problems, is being very well received.

“Executing the Pharma CEOs behind the opioid crisis could easily turn Trump’s flagging Presidency around.”

Liberals who have grown weary of his antics are now praising the businessman President for pledging to treat those behind the prescription pill crisis in the harshest possible terms.

“The death penalty seems a little extreme, but what the hell!”

CNN has already offered to tone down it’s criticism of the Trump administration, as long as it gets to televise the Sackler family getting the needle.

“All Trump needs to do now is have a Seal Team take out Wayne LaPierre and his approval will be sky-high in no time.”

2 Comments on "Trump’s Call For Death Penalty For Pharma CEOs Proving Hugely Popular"

  1. I love it. What happened? Trump had a good idea…???
    Wait — is this fake news?
    I bet Steve Bannon is behind it. Doesn’t matter. Still a good idea. And a Seal team taking out Wayne LaPierre — brilliant. But the Seals need to be careful — what if LaPierre has a gun..??
    Who knows? This might move Trump up a bit in historians rankings of presidents. He still be the worst, of course, but perhaps not so awfully worst.

  2. We can start with Martin Skreli and Alex Azar, the new Secretary of Health & Human Services, who became president of Eli Lilly USA as part of the revolving door after serving as Deputy Secretary of HHS under W.

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