Trump’s Policies Start To Make Sense Now He Plans To Punish Women Over Abortion

Donald Trump got himself into trouble this week, when he said he would punish women who had abortions if he got into power. Commentators said he had got the pulse of his audience wrong on this one.

“He’s talking about oppressing women a whole hell of a lot, instead of just a hell of a lot. Not too smart for a Republican candidate.”

But a sizable number of his core supporters say this addresses something they were troubled by up to now – his dubious plan to erect a wall along the border with Mexico, by making the Mexicans build it themselves.

“Why would they do it? And even if they did – didn’t Trump already tell us they were lazy good-for-nothing rapists? Doesn’t sound like a recipe for wall building success to me.”

But now that Trump has indicated he will find a way to punish women who have abortions, his most enthusiastic followers are putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

“He’s squaring the circle – everything is starting to make sense now. It’s all coming together!”

Despite Trump not spelling it out in detail, those most in tune with his philosophy realize what punishment could be meted out to all those women.

“They could build the border wall in reparation for taking my rightful dominion over their bodies away from me. TRUMP. TRUMP. TRUMP.”

Then word came that Trump had backtracked from his position.

“So we’re back to telling the Mexicans to build our wall now? ‘Cause he’s already nixed immigrants doing it. This Trump bozo makes no sense to me. Anyone know where the Cruz rally is at?”

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