TSA Agent Totally Nails Instruction To Take Off Shoes On 605356th Attempt

Image credit: Flickr user David Prasad used under license CC BY-SA 2.0.

TSA agent Trent Shearer, who works at the Pittsburgh International Airport, hit the high note of his career this week when he executed his federally-mandated task of telling people to take off their shoes and remove any laptops from their carry-on baggage for the 605356th time.

“I remember it was a Monday morning. I had gotten to bed early the night before so I was well rested. I also didn’t skimp on my gargling and vocal exercises.”

After a couple of hours practice, Trent went for it. TSA agent Sherry Gaslin, who was on duty that day waving people through the body scanner, remembers it well.

“It was so authoritative but also so reassuring. People could barely wait to take off their shoes!”

Trent says he is not sure where he goes from here.

“It’s hard to keep your motivation doing the same thing when you’ve already hit your peak.”

He is thinking of trying his hand at watching people leave the secured area for baggage pickup and ground transportation.

“I’ve heard it’s a rush because someone could turn around and try to walk in the opposite direction at any moment.”

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