UBER Deploys Autonomous Parking Chair Technology In Time For Winter Snow

Yinz better not move that!

(Pittsburgh, PA) UBER technologies has announced an exciting new feature that it is ready to roll out as part of its ongoing experimentation with self-driving cars on Pittsburgh streets.

“With winter upon us, we upgraded our autonomous vehicles to be able to secure a snow-cleared parking spot with a cheap lawn chair – as we understand that is a critical skill in this city.”

The patented technology uses an extendable arm to deploy folding chairs stored under the chassis to secure prize parking spaces that are clear of snow and ice.

Using their smart driving technology, the parking chair setting can be adjusted from 0 (doormat) that never uses a parking chair, all the way up to 10 (maximum jagoff) in which multiple parking chairs are deployed to secure spots all over the City.

There is also a feature that allows the car to remove other people parking chairs when it can’t find a spot.

“We didn’t even program them to do that – they just picked it up all by themselves which is great!”

2 Comments on "UBER Deploys Autonomous Parking Chair Technology In Time For Winter Snow"

  1. If I clear the spot…it’s mine! It’s a Pittsburgh thing!

  2. Absolutely love this….going to bed chuckling…way to go

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