UFC Champion Conor McGregor Signs Record-Breaking Aran Sweater Endorsement Deal

Representatives of UFC mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor announced a major advertising endorsement deal today with Ireland’s leading manufacturers and distributors of genuine Aran sweaters.

The revelation is believed to be cleverly timed to coincide with McGregor featuring heavily in the news recently.

The deal, which is backed by a consortium including Irish sweater titan Blarney Woollen Mills, is said to be huge for McGregor.

“Forget Nike – Big Wool is where the money is these days.”

As part of the record-breaking endorsement, McGregor will only fight in future whilst wearing an authentic hand-knit Aran sweater.

His trainer dismissed concerns that a garment designed to keep fishermen warm in the harsh environment of the Irish Atlantic coast might hamper his performance.

“He’ll be nice and cozy if there’s a chill in the ring now he will.”

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