Ugly Hombres Left In Limbo By Trump During Third Debate

The third Presidential debate managed to be more substantive than the second, though that didn’t prevent the biggest takeaway being Donald Trump’s declaration that he would do away with “Bad Hombres” once he was elected.

It caused great amusement on social media, though one forgotten group of people have been thrown into a state of great uncertainty by the GOP nominee’s remarks – Ugly Hombres currently residing in the United States.

While Trump insisted that Bad Hombres would be deported were he to become president – and by logical extension implied that Good Hombres could stay – the status of Ugly Hombres was not touched upon.

Though making very clear he was not one of them, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was sympathetic to the plight of his less visually-blessed brethren.

“Trump has thrown my Ugly Hombres into a state of terrible uncertainty. Do not elect this man.”

The Ugly Hombres’ worries are at least partially mitigated by the fact that Hillary Clinton still seems most likely to win, and her Hombre policies seem to be fairly favorable no matter which of the three Hombre subgroups you belong too.

“Obviously us Ugly Hombres will be voting for her come November.”

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