UK Diplomat Regrets Calling Trump Inept “I assumed he wouldn’t know what it means”

Former UK Ambassador to the United States, Sir Kim Darroch, today expressed his regret over describing Trump and his administration as ‘inept’, saying he should have done better.

“I could have called him undexterous or infelicitous instead and got my main point across, but I assumed he would not know the meaning of inept.”

Darroch maintains someone else must have stold him what it means, though he still insist his using of the word ‘dysfunctional’ was not in error.

“It has so many syllables – there’s no way he or anyone around him knows its definition.”

He points out that he purposefully used words like stupid and dolt in his cables, as he knew President Trump knew them well as they are a mainstay of his domestic and foreign relations.

“I should have used the coded sarcastic language we British are known for and called him an extremely clever and gifted leader.”

7 Comments on "UK Diplomat Regrets Calling Trump Inept “I assumed he wouldn’t know what it means”"

  1. Kwame Abebrese (A very PROUD Ghanaian) | July 12, 2019 at 7:27 pm | Reply

    A MILLION PEOPLE, represented by Sir Darroch, CAN NEVER be WRONG!!!

  2. Hhmmm what other words can be used without him understanding,!!

  3. One thing you never want to do around or about Trump is tell the truth. It’s his kryptonite.

  4. I know Darroch’s pic is in the dictionary next to moron

  5. Gee it’s the same opinion that just about every country on earth has about Trump. Inept idiot.

  6. It might be Boris helped Twitler in the understanding of the almost encrypted message written in English by Sir Kim.

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