UK Seeks Help From George W Bush To Reverse Disastrous Referendum Outcome

[Westminster, UK] The United Kingdom is in turmoil following the BREXIT referendum which takes it out of the European Union. Already Prime Minister David Cameron has had to fall on his sword and the negative consequences of having to leave the E.U. continue to mount, with Scotland already talking about independence.

Even many who voted to leave are now experiencing buyer’s remorse, and the British political class are hoping a knight in shining armor appears who can somehow undo what has taken place. Fortunately there is one such person – George W. Bush.

“If anyone knows how to turn a legitimate defeat at the ballot box into victory it’s the 43rd President of the United States.”

Excitement is growing that W. and his former team of political fixers can turn the ship around just like they did when they lost the election to Gore. In anticipation the pro E.U. camp has ask local councils to prepare for another recount with hanging chads, rooms full of lawyers, and ballots going missing.

“A winning margin of 1.2 million votes is a lot, but if we employ Karl Rove’s full box of tricks maybe we can get out of this mess.”

One difficulty they face is that they do not have the same constitutional structure that allows them to appeal to a higher corrupt authority to settle matters if needed.

“If only we had a British Supreme Court that could hand the losing side the result they wanted because it happens to coincide with the personal political biases of the majority of Justices – then correcting this error would be a piece of cake.”

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