United Facing PR Disaster After Refusing To Let Pittsburgh Man Travel With Emotional Support Giraffe

United Airlines is facing another PR disaster today, after a man attempting to fly out of Pittsburgh International Airport on one of their scheduled services to Chicago was not allowed to bring his emotional support animal along with him in the economy cabin as promised.

United admitted they did tell Pittsburgh resident Frank Klutz beforehand that he could bring his giraffe on board for emotional support, but only because they assumed it was a stuffed animal that made him more relaxed in the air.

“We admit we did make that assumption, you know, what with it being a giraffe and all.”

Frank maintains that once he presented himself at the airport with his giraffe, they should have honored their promise to him regardless of their general policy.

“They tried to come up with excuses like how will he fit, and I explained to them it’s very simple – sideways.”

Nevertheless his giraffe was turned away and Frank is realistic about his chances of his giraffe being allowed to fly in the future.

“But they’d better not deny boarding to my new emotional support wolverine, or I’ll be pissed n’at.”

6 Comments on "United Facing PR Disaster After Refusing To Let Pittsburgh Man Travel With Emotional Support Giraffe"

  1. United is not animal friendly!! Fly southwest

  2. Hahahahahahahaha

  3. Deborah Fuller | February 3, 2018 at 7:53 am | Reply

    Guys, this is a joke. The peacock was real, the giraffe isn’t.

  4. This is way getting out of hands! Man up or rent a haul! JMO!

  5. Seriously???!!!,can’t blame UAL for people nonsence looking to make the news.How about an emotional rutting moose or bull? Wether a gate agent or flight attendent,they got a lot to do and deal with besides scumbags looking for a lawsuit or to make the news(assuming this is not Trump’s “fake news”).If real,UAL should sue him for trying a p-r stunt…

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