Upbeat Tulsi Gabbard Identifies Path To Victory “The other candidates could all drop dead”

With her solitary delegate from her home turf of American Somao, an optimistic Tulsi Gabbard today looked beyond the Super Tuesday results when she told her supporter there was a clear path to the nomination ahead.

“It’s entirely possible the other candidates could all drop dead leaving me the nominee by default.”

She has instructed her delegate to not engage in any dangerous activites to ensure she maintains a toehold in the race while she waits for the Angel of Death to visit the competition.

“Any competant actuary will tell you I’m in quite a favorable position with Pete Buttigieg out of the picture, and even more so if Elizabeth Warren pulls out.”

She has also instructed her team to prepare for the general election, including plans for a possible face-off against a President Pence.

“Let’s face it – many of the leading characters in American politics today might not be around come November.”

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  1. Robert Darmody | March 6, 2020 at 12:19 am | Reply

    Since last year and even before, I’ve stated that Bernie Sanders is a wholly owned decoy of the DNC. He is gutless by both nature and mission. People have gotten very angry with me over the months for the audacity of forecasting Bernie’s one way or the other failing to ‘get on the train’. Tulsi Gabbard terrifies not just the DNC, but the entire establishment and Trump doesn’t want to have her as an opponent either. He would ridicule her at his own political peril. She would press him on his Achilles heel of Middle East Foreign Policy and show him up for the misled, politically ignorant puppet of AIPAC that he is.

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