Vice President Pence Demands To Know Where Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Picked Up Salty Language

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is in the news over her use of a common swear word during a speech in which she told young Democrats ‘if we are not helping people we should go the f*** home’.

While most people were either bemused with the Senator’s cursing or were mildly chastising, Vice President Mike Pence is demanding a full investigation to determine who is responsible for polluting the female politician’s mind.

“This is what happens when women dine with menfolk with whom they are not in a connubial relationship.”

Pence is refusing to condemn Gillibrand, saying the fault lies with whichever scoundrels corrupted her.

“Unless she happened to overhear her husband swearing, in which case she should simply have put that word out of her mind.”

Pence admitted he was familiar with the word she used, including its meaning, though he could not say it out loud for fear ladies might be within earshot.

“I admit I have used it once or twice for the purpose of male bonding when I was sure it was an all-bro situation.”

Pence was only convinced to drop his demand for an investigation when it was pointed out to him that his boss, President Trump, swears like a motherf**ker and could care less who hears it.

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4 Comments on "Vice President Pence Demands To Know Where Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Picked Up Salty Language"

  1. More and more of them, like Gillibrand and Perez, are doing it. It’s their desperate ploy to sound “cool” by pandering to the dumbed-down masses, especially to …(sorry) barely formed children who can be cheaply provoked to applause by an f-bomb. Which says a lot about these demagogues’ soulless polemic.
    What’s funny is how clumsily Gillibrand does this. She’s obviously venturing into territory that’s uncomfortable even for her, but she’s compromising her own character for the sake of a cheap applause line. So she produces the f-bomb, in a completely scripted way, and clumsily executed to the point of total cringeworthiness, and then she adds the equally scripted, and repellently deceitful “Sorry.”
    This is DESPERATION at work, and it’s vile, cheap and…low-life.

  2. Catherine Sarginson | June 10, 2017 at 5:13 pm | Reply

    OK guys I fell for it.You got me!! LOL

  3. Catherine Sarginson | June 10, 2017 at 5:12 pm | Reply

    This cannot be true! I refuse to believe even a tight ass like Pence would say this. If he did he is infinitely stupider than he appears and that is saying something.

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