Virus Comes To Defense Of Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Their Kids

The anti-vaxxer community has been under a lot of pressure lately, given news reports that cases of measles are on the rise across the country.

But they found a new champion today in the form of an activist morbillivirus, who said it was wrong for one group to try to impose its rational science-based views on another.

It’s un-American is what it is.”

The single-stranded RNA virus said the few cases of children falling ill right after tens of millions are vaccinated proved beyond a doubt it was a terrible idea.

Nothing ever happens roundabout the same time something else happens by chance. That’s like saying there’s such a thing as coincidence!”

Most of all it wants parents who choose not to vaccinate their children to know that they are not alone.

I together with millions of copies just like me stand with you.”

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