Vladimir Putin Overjoyed To Learn That President Trump Is A Wrestler

A post on President Trump’s twitter account featuring him body-slamming someone at a WWE event with the CNN logo superimposed has many people upset that the occupant of the White House could be so crass.

But one person who was delighted to see the tweet is Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who had not known that Donald Trump was a wrestler.

“I cannot wait to meet your President in the ring where we will fight like men.”

In the unaltered footage which dates from 2005, Trump body-slams WWE owner Vince McMahon and then shaves his head.

Putin realizes that makes for good TV but is not sure Trump doing the same thing to him when they meet in Germany will work out so well.

“I see two problems with this. One – my head is already shaved. Two – he will be begging for his life like a little bitch by then.”

While Trump isn’t exactly known for his fitness, Putin, a former KGB colonel, is routinely seen baring his chest and engaging in vigorous physical activity.

Trump is reportedly relying on the public to refuse to allow their leader to accept such a crude challenge, however a surprising number of Americans, including many democrats, say they are perfectly fine with it.

“I just hope it’s available on pay-per-view!”

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