VOGUE Selects Willow The Cat For Cover In Latest Dig At Melania

After previously granting high profile covers to both Jill Biden and Kamala Harris while snubbing Melania Trump during her time in the White House, VOGUE magazine has made its latest – and arguably most hurtful – dig at the model wife of No. 45 by selecting the Biden’s new cat, Willow, for its latest cover.

Though the magazine insists that the decision to have the feline grace its cover was made without any intent to diss the former First Lady, industry insiders strongly suspect Willow was given a ‘paw up’ because editorial staff knew how badly Melania and her husband would take it.

“Clearly they intend for this to claw away at her.”

Asked for comment, President Biden refused to be drawn into the controversy over the motivation behind the selection.

“But however my Willow ended up on the cover of VOGUE, I think we can all agree that’s one fine looking cat.”

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  1. Melania a model? Eastern European models are high end prostitutes. Trump luvs hookers so they’re a good match.
    He should try banging the hoe Marjorie Taylor Green

  2. That’s one purrfectly beautiful furbaby ♥️😺

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