Wendy Bell Kills Old Person Live On Air To Jump-Start Economy

Local radio personality and African-American-career-development-expert Wendy Bell has stirred up controversy yet again by saying the damage to the economy due to the coronavirus shutdown is not worth the lives of some old or otherwise immuno-compromised people.

But Bell took things further today when she put her thoughts into action live during her afternoon talk show on KDKA radio by inviting a local elderly person onto the show. After explaining through the use of her BS board how the old crone was dragging her household income down, Bell asked the woman to stand still in front of her.

“Sorry, Sister, but I’ve done the math and you have to go.”

Bell then dispatched the woman faster than a busboy-gone-bad can ruin an outdoor B-B-Q, after reminding her she’d already enjoyed far too many years on this planet. As her station manager dragged the woman’s corpse away, Wendy warned her listeners not to go all weak-kneed on her over it.

“Facts don’t care about your feelings, people!”

KDKA Radio said they are looking into whether the incident deserves a mild reprimand, while KDKA TV asked people to please stop calling them as they have never employed her.

“KDKA Radio is a separate entity from us and may we remind you that it was WTAE that brought that nightmare to Pittsburgh in the first place.”

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19 Comments on "Wendy Bell Kills Old Person Live On Air To Jump-Start Economy"

  1. You people don’t get it!! Leave her alone. She’s in the real fight for fighting for freedoms and Rights of America, becareful who you vote for, in a “blink of an eye” Communism can be at your door step!!

  2. Too funny. Free Wendy Bell.

  3. You need to fire her ass! I’ve never been so mad and You are moron if you do support her !!!t

  4. Terri Martio | April 13, 2020 at 8:56 am | Reply

    I’m not sure what her thinking is even about . She has always had such a strong opinion on EVERYTHING and if you dont agree with her she lets you know it . She really is out of control with her opinions especially about not caring about people dying from the corona 19.

  5. What was posted isn’t real and it’s a joke and points out the stupid fake news we believe is just that STUPID..

  6. She need fired!!!! I had no idea the type of human she is! She does represent me in thought or deed! How selfish and cruel!!! Can her read!!!!!!

  7. She is crazy. Why anyone would listen to her saying it’s okay If old or those with pre-existing conditions should die to save the economy. Perhaps the bigger picture is how we respond to this crisis and her view and those who believe her won’t get us anywhere.

  8. Wendy Bell is a Trump follower and she is giving you and I a clear example of the way those that follow and support him feel. Her political view on things as well as her personal views were very much on display. She definitely needs reprimanded or replaced from on air activities.

  9. Yes the headline doesn’t too mature , this is another case of yet fake news

  10. Darrell Andrew Watson | April 9, 2020 at 2:51 pm | Reply

    Sorry I watched the whole pod cast… She’s being condemned again…with her cavuet emptor of pros and cons of her board. She always gets a preluded Judgement. She gave a throurgh explaination of her emotional fence board. First our culture falls victim to the offense of everything…now it is being held hostage by the wordsmith posse! “Truth gets well if it gets run over by a locomotive but error dies if lockjaw if it scratches it’s finger.” In short the long-term acceptance of truth has a sutble confronting… accept reality truth up front in a careening locomotive..awakens one to a earlier true compass. An before you judge my perspective realize… I lost a uncle and last night a close family friend

  11. Whether Satire or Fake news this is not funny and she should be fired. Why does KDKA radio employ a person of this low mentality? She has a warped way of reporting what others would see as a global crisis.

    • Katherine Dryburgh | April 9, 2020 at 4:54 pm | Reply

      Wendy Bell should be fired from KDKA radio. Can’t stand to listen to her program. Tell her to go to Fox News. She will fit right in with the morons there.

  12. Hey Annette- do you not understand that this blog is SATIRE? It advertises itself as FAKE NEWS. Breaking Burgh is not what most people would call mainstream media, although I much prefer to read it then the actual news. I hope you aren’t that stupid.

  13. Quit reporting your fake news. This is exactly what Wendy is saying about the media. I watch/listen to her show and you guys just twisted her every word just to post a lame story. Get a life and a real job if you can’t handle this one. I will be deleting this app as now I see you don’t post the truth and I will let everyone I know to pass it on and do the same. I hope you guys get shut down.

  14. This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard. She deserves to be fired again. She is the worst ! Pittsburgh does not support her opinion.

  15. You go back to Africa you been here long enough

  16. Assholes

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