White House Burns After Lie Detector Bought By Melania As Joke Gift Catches Fire

Firefighters say a small fire in the White House is now under control after a lie detector bought by the First Lady as a lighthearted Christmas gift for the President apparently caught fire.

What was seen as a bit of harmless fun and teasing went awry when the device apparently started smoldering and then burst into flames while President Trump took a nap near it this afternoon.

The Fire Marshal at the scene said the incident was all the more remarkable as the lie detector unit contained no flammable materials and wasn’t even plugged in at the time.

The President has been advised to avoid lie detectors in the future as a precaution.

3 Comments on "White House Burns After Lie Detector Bought By Melania As Joke Gift Catches Fire"

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  3. Why would she buy this as a joke. We need it for real proves he doesn’t even open his mouth to lie they can detect it from being close to him

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