White House HVAC System Being Upgraded Due To Increase In Hot Air

The White House is being vacated for much of August in order to revamp the HVAC system, which is said to need a more powerful cooling unit.

The reason for the upgrade is there being more hot air to handle, though why that should be is a mystery as no structural work has been undertaken recently and outdoor temperatures are similar to previous years.

The issues was first noticed at the end of February, when heating bills came in well under what was budgeted.

“It was like we had a a whole bunch of hot air heating the building for free, but now with the humid D.C. summer upon us the existing AC is struggling despite being in fine working order.”

A side benefit is that the mysterious increase in hot air in the White House will mean lower heating costs once winter rolls around again.

“If anything we might need to keep the AC running with the fan on low.”

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