White House Laundry Struggling To Keep Up Following Flynn Guilty Plea

News that Michael Flynn is co-operating with the Mueller investigation set the White House aflutter today, and is severely stressing the in-house laundry service.

“We’re already understaffed so this is the worst time for a major laundry emergency like this to occur.”

In addition to the President and members of the cabinet, they are also having to deal with the clothing of all the Trump aides and advisors who have enough of a connection to Russia to cause sphincter failure.

“Which is to say all of them.”

In case the task proves too much, a Plan B is being but in place which reportedly involves a big bonfire on the South Lawn and taking delivery of brand new clothes from local malls.

“At least with it being the holiday shopping season we should be able to find some good deals.”

Despite the stress the White House laundry service has been put under they say it could have been so much worse.

“Thankfully Steve Bannon no longer works here because I pity the person who has to wash those pants after a scare.”

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  1. Now that was rich. From begging to end. Great writing !

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