White House Lawn Chairs Loving Trump’s Presidency “We’ve never had it so easy!”

White House lawn chairs enjoying last year's tree lighting.

Amidst all the criticism of the Trump Administration, there is one group that can’t sing its praises enough – the White House event foldable lawn chairs.

“Normally I’d have a sweaty ass parked on top of me during outdoor events like the Inaugural and the Christmas tree lighting, but life during the Trump Presidency has been a breeze!”

The chairs greatly appreciate the many times they have been taken out of storage to get some air and see the President, all while not having to support the body weight of a human.

“I’ve never seen so much pomp and circumstance laid on just for an empty chair like me. It’s really quite humbling.”

They also feel greatly blessed by the star power that comes out just for them, like when Kathie Lee Gifford and Dean Cain signed up for last year’s tree lighting.

“Can you believe they managed to get Dean Cain just for us. Dean Cain!”

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