White House Lockdown Lifted After Madman On Loose Turns Out To Be Rudy Giuliani

A lockdown at the White House has been lifted after reported sightings of a madman on the loose were confirmed to be of the President’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, arriving for a meeting.

The Secret Service initially feared they had a major indicent on their hands after receiving intelligence that a deranged lunatic who was ‘foaming at the mouth’ had gained access to the West Wing.

“Our people failed to recognize Mr. Giuliani initially because his face was contorted into such a strange fulminating expression.”

Though Giuliani was being quite vocal at the time, those nearby failed to recognize his voice either.

“It was nothing but a constant stream of unintelligble garbled angry words so you can understand why they felt the need to raise the alarm.”

The incident was resolved when the President asked ‘Where’s Rudy?’ and everyone put two and two together.

3 Comments on "White House Lockdown Lifted After Madman On Loose Turns Out To Be Rudy Giuliani"

  1. I would hate for my life to be in the hands of these people.

  2. Should be locked down every time a political person steps in.

  3. omg and he is a gighly intelligent person why in the workd would he act like this? drug tests needed here even for the pos

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