White House Plumbing At Breaking Point After Mueller Subpeonas Trump Organization

Plumbers were called to the White House today to deal with an emergency situation after word arrived that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has subpoenaed the Trump Organization to turn over documents related to Russia.

Though renovations were started in August of last year to accommodate the increased toilet needs of the Trump administration, these were only partially complete when the bombshell arrived.

“Obviously we have a lot of digestive problems to deal with at the staff level given the frequency of ‘oh crap’ moments during this Presidency so we’ve being trying to upgrade.”

However due to the delicate nature of the building upgrades were not yet finished in all areas.

“I don’t think the plumbing has been this taxed since someone mentioned burglars being caught in 1972.”

Anyone working at the White House who is having colon spasms but feels they can hold it are being urged to go home and use their own facilities to make room for senior members of the administration who are having uncontrollable reactions at this point.

“We’ve also asked for extra fans to be brought in because Jared had chili last night.”

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  1. This is better than the ” Big Bang and Mom” all put together

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