Wilbur Ross Suggests Struggling Americans Get Jobs As Milkmen And Elevator Operators

Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross has apologized for suggesting unpaid Federal employees shouldn’t need to depend on food banks.

“What is it you kids say? My bad.”

He says his brief time in the spotlight of social media has opened his eyes to the struggle many Americans have trying to make ends meet. To make up for his prior insensitivity he wanted to share some tips on how they could make extra money to get through the hard times.

“I notice everywhere is have a difficult time finding elevator operators these days. That would be a great place to start, and you get to wear a neat uniform.”

Ross also suggests finding work as milkmen, switchboard operators, and clockwinders.

“In my youth fixing broken wagon wheels was where the easy money was, but I guess that’s impractical advice now.”

2 Comments on "Wilbur Ross Suggests Struggling Americans Get Jobs As Milkmen And Elevator Operators"

  1. Lawrence Muehrer | June 28, 2019 at 8:58 am | Reply

    This quote is a joke, ya? one never knows with these old turds’ why there should be term limits, and possible psych/alzheimer tests for those thatreadh a certain age…good goodness…to keep it clean!

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