World Held Hostage By Evil Piece Of RansomWare Called Windows

Hackers using malware from the National Security Agency have been hitting dozens of countries worldwide in a high profile cyberattack recently.

However these actions are dwarfed by the damage being done by another far more dangerous hacker organization that is only just coming to light.

Called Microsoft, the rogue organization has been holding the world hostage for decades according to

“It’s managed to infect hospitals, government departments, Fortune 500 companies – you name it!”

Currently the ransom runs about $200, which may not seem like much.

“But that’s per computer and they keep attacking over and over again so it quickly adds up.”

Cybersecurity experts say that once a piece of malicious code has penetrated to that degree, you’re just better off paying up.

“If you don’t, they’ll just release a newer version even sooner with extra security holes.”

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  1. This must not be confused with an even more evil strain of software calls OSX. Not only is OSX incapable of running any useful applications it costs the victim a fortune. It would not be so bad but this software can be obtained free under the name Linux which is much more ueful and this also can run on $100 PC’s… Caveat emptor!

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