Ambitious Steaming Pile Of Shit Positions Itself As Keeper Of Trump’s Legacy

Though a number of arch Trumpers, including Congressman Matt Gaetz and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, see themselves as the natural heir to the former President and the movement he created, a new contender has emerged who seems destined to inherit the mantle.

“None of them embody the spirit of Donald Trump and his administration quite as perfectly as this ambitious steaming pile of shit.”

The steaming pile of shit aspiring to become the keeper of Trump’s legacy is not known for its honesty, however political observers do not see that as an obstacle to its being embraced by the Trump faithful.

“They’re used to having horseshit shoveled at them everyday by Fox News and Newsmax.”

In fact, the only credible threat to its ascension is from self-declared ‘owner of the libs’, Donald Trump, Junior. Pundits say it will be a very evenly matched contest between the eldest Trump son and the steaming pile of shit.

“It could go either way as there’s very little to differentiate between them.”

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