Bored Chief Justice Starts Translating Senators’ Questions Into Yoda-Speak

As the question and answer session in the Impeachment Trial wore on today, a bored-looking Chief Justice Roberts – who has to read out all the questions himself – resorted to translating the anodyne queries into Yoda-Speak in order to keep himself engaged.

“John Bolton call as witness should we?”

Picking up on Justice Roberts’ lead, House Manager Adam Schiff started giving his answers in Yoda-Speak aswell.

“President Trump guilty he is.”

Soon the entire chamber was engaged in Yoda-Speak, except for Senator Grassley who became convinced a demon has possessed everyone except him. Some Republicans welcomed the development as they were very unhappy with Trump for subjecting them to such a tedious trial even if they believed he was innocent.

“Just for this convict you we will.”

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