Daytona 500 Delayed After Obese Uneducated Fan Hijacks Racetrack

The Daytona 500 race got off to a rocky start today after a fan gained access to the track with his personal automobile. Though usually a feature of soccer games where it is not uncommon for a naked streaker to interrupt proceedings, race officials say they are constantly aware of the risk of a member of the public getting on the track.

“Unfortunately there a a few selfish ignorant NASCAR fans who want to take their own unsuitable automobile out on the track and pretend they’re a real racer to assuage their deep-seated feelings of inadequacy. Today one of them managed to slip through the net.”

They say the best way to deal with gatecrashers like this is to not give them the attention they are seeking. There is little point trying to reason with them as they are invariably deluded and pathologically self-involved.

“Most people are happy to come and watch the race without ruining it for everyone else. But there’s always that one person who thinks only of himself.”

NASCAR officials say the incident is doubly unfortunate as they work to improve the reputation of the sport and bring it to a wider audience.

“People from all walks of life enjoy the sophisticated and technically challenging sport of professional stock car racing. But we still battle an impression that it is crude and fans like this don’t help.”

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26 Comments on "Daytona 500 Delayed After Obese Uneducated Fan Hijacks Racetrack"

  1. Very disgusted with NASCAR now Trump is piece of shit. What were they thinking?

  2. Yawn. Just another crying session of failed politics. Democrats…. If you want to make a difference. Working for the people is the right direction. Just sitting there bashing everyone that isn’t in your deranged way of thinking, and dreaming of the figment of the Presidency that never was…….Isn’t the way to go. Good luck on your seemingly endless supply of BS. It won’t last. Just like your hypocrisy.

  3. It’s amazing how many people on here do not know how to spell. The uneducated people are who believe a Democrat and whom must be the ones who cannot spell. Dam (*damn* correct spelling) lier (*liar* correct spelling) and probably more words than that, take off your metal brainwash cap the Democrats gave you and go learn how to spell the simplest of words!

  4. No politician has EVER done as “We The People” wanted them to do…Idiot!

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  9. So, you find this funny. I, think your “satire” in poor taste. I voted for Trump because I, was not up for a blood sucking murderer like Hillary Clinton. If u are bitching about his golf course then don’t go to it. Shut the fuck up and take in the ass like we did when Obama was president, illegally I might add.

  10. You sure got all screwed up Trump gives his salary away. How many democrats do that

  11. I used to have tickets to about 5 races a our favs retired and NASCAR out in all the new rules and car changes we lost interest..this was the cherry on the top..this was purely another of his taxpayer funded pro rallies ..a way to make what he perceives to be 250.000 under educated red necks think he “cares” about them..guess what he doesn’t give a big fat rats ass about any of you ” pofolks” wise up

  12. OMG You Democrats are really but hurt !! The crowd at the Daytona loved every minute of the President being there and so did the ones in the in field!! You people dislike every second that a flag is waved !! You must really hate that the economy is doing well and the employment is at a all time low.
    Sure you all can’t even say the words we wants Socialism and Sanders in one mouthful!! Lol 😝

  13. Joseph Dermont you Sir are an idiot. A blemish on our Constitution.

  14. You must be blind, deaf or truley uneducated to beleive he’s good for this country. He has done nothing for the USA. He has managed to line his pockets by using HIS resort as camp David. Reaping profit on your back. Enhancing his property and demanding everyone pay for a resort when we have the white house, Camp David and EVERY SINGLE MILITARY BASE HE HASN’T CLOSED! DISGUSTING, HE’S A JOKE.

  15. Wow, the people are really sleep,if this fool cares about this country or the people in he would be great,so with that being sad,we don’t have fight each other just wait all lies will come to light. His entire campaign and half of the WH is gone or in jail. He wants to be king. He already said he loves the uneducated. Wow

  16. Janice Simmons | February 16, 2020 at 2:45 pm | Reply

    Robert Howes, you are an idiot, how are you going to feel when the orange man does as he pleases affects you and your family. Like a big storm comes and demolishes your town and he treats y’all like he did in Porta Rica

  17. The only thing that has gotten worse since Trump was elected is the Democrats.

  18. You have ruined my favorite race. Tarnished my NASCAR enjoyment. he is a lier and a disgrace to this country ! Stick to the golf course.

  19. Jealousy will get you nowhere in the redneck world of NASCAR,so shut up get out the way and salute the man with the balls to do and say as he dam well pleases to. Trump, the only choice for America !!! That’s Right!

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