Emotionally Unstable Man Who Blatantly Lied During Job Interview Somehow Still Gainfully Employed

Employment law circles were baffled today as news spread on social media about an American worker who is still in his position after being publicly exposed for blatantly lying during the job interview process in order to secure his desired position. The substantial promotion led some to believe he must have told a small white lie unrelated to his job duties, however it appears that the lie couldn’t have been more pertinent and detrimental to the evaluation of his suitability. Many of the people he works for expressed astonishment that he hasn’t been fired yet.

“How he hasn’t been kicked to the curb for this shameless dishonesty I simply don’t understand!”

Even wrongful dismissal attorneys used to nailing employers for dismissing their problematic clients were shocked that this particular case hadn’t resulted in a successful and immediate termination.

“He flat-out lied during the interview process and he hasn’t been abruptly fired for cause? Is this not America!”

Even more shocking than his shameless lie about how he would respect the workplace and its established practices is the other dubious conduct he displayed while up for the plum opportunity.

“This supposedly ‘qualified candidate’ totally lost it during the hiring process and raged about grand conspiracy theories and how he likes to drink beer until he blanks out. Last time I checked that’s a surefire way not to be hired in the first place!”

Unfortunately it transpired that some of the hiring managers involved in his selection were not up to the task.

“They sound really gullible, but hopefully they have learned their lesson now.”

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