Hays Eagles Sign Lucrative Sponsorship Deal With Local Supermarket Chain

(Pittsburgh, PA) Local avian celebrities the Hays eagles today followed up on their dramatic live hatching of two new family members with news they are teaming up with local grocery chain Giant Eagle in a deal being described as ‘highly lucrative according to those familiar with it.

“JuJu Smith-Schuster would be jealous.”

The eagles responded to criticism that they were ‘selling out’ with a round condemnation of anyone expecting them to perform on camera without so much as a pay-per-view deal in place

“Doing it just for fun was fine in the past, but we now have the eaglets to think about.”

Under the deal, the Hays eagles will populate their nest with old Giant Eagle blue bags and discarded Get Go containers in return for an undisclosed sum. The deal can be terminated at any time by either side, though CEO Laura Karet says she has no intention of doing so.

“Those Hays eagles and their webcam are publicity gold!”

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