HELP US! Or How We Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Trump

Straight up this is an ask – think of those annoying fundraisers on PBS. Still here? Of course you are. You’re smart. Not like everybody with a MAGA hat says, like a dumb libturd. You’re smart and you want to help!

Truth is we are struggling between devoting sufficient time, paying hosting fees, and expanding. This includes the backbone – – which pushes out more satirical critiques of the Trump Adminisration than the airlines do carbon dioxide – now that’s a good footprint. There’s plenty more in the works too, and a desperately needed site revamp long overdue.

It’s hard to be on the right side – the others seem to have lots of fun even if they’re always angry. They use more emojis. They don’t have to think too hard or at all. Meanwhile we’re stuck with awful things like reason and empathy towards those not exactly like us. And we often lose. It’s a hard knock life.

No – we’re not going to convert to the dark side without your help, but it makes it that much harder to keep things going. So please consider a recurring micro-donation on Patreon or a one time donation. And if you can’t help financially you can still do us a big favor by sharing. It all helps keep the show on the road! – be a patron and access special content. It’s fun! – simple one-time donation.

Okay, back to World War Three…

3 Comments on "HELP US! Or How We Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Trump"

  1. I’d like to contribute but don’t have a paypal account. How about mail in a check or use a credit card?

    • Hi Roberto and thanks! Paypal used to let you do all that without creating an account but looks like they’ve changed things so we’re looking for a solution that doesn’t require it. Will get back to you! Cheers, Gulliver

    • Hi again – if you’d like to donate just send an email indicating the amount to [email protected] and we can invoice you through Paypal and you won’t need to create an account (you can ‘pay as guest’ by card instead). Also you should include a “Secret Phrase” in that email for us to repreat in the invoice so you know it’s really us! Or we can send you a mailing address for a check. Best, G

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